mySMS Mobile Registration User Guide

Students must register their mobile number before they can use  IIUM mySMS services.

Step 1:  Type

Step 2:  Click  myIIUM Portal

Step 3: Choose myIIUM Student, click  here to get the Student Portal login screen.

Step 4:  Key in myIIUM ID and password then press button login.

Step 5 :  After login successfully,  student portal screen will appear. See  mySMS Click Here to Activate banner.  Click here.

Step 6: Enter  your Mobile Number and SMS PIN ( case sensitive ). Click button register.

Step 7: Click Refresh to see the detail.

Step 8: Your mobile number  successfully registered.

Step 8: If you want to update or change the current mobile number, click <Change> . Reset Mobile No. Activation will display.  Key in your new Mobile No. and SMS PIN as shown below.  Click button Update to make the changes.

Step 9: You can view  SMS FAQ for further assistance on the mySMS Services.


Step 10: Click mySMS FAQ to see the detail.

Step 11: Click mySMS Manual to see the format for sending sms.