Assoc. Professor Dr. Badruddin Ibrahim

Information Update Status : Completed

Books - [1]

  1. Undang-Undang Harta & Amanah, Selangor, Malaysia: Department of Islamic Law, AIKOL, IIUM & Harun M.Hashim Law Centre, IIUM, 2009 ISBN 978-983-41203-6-8 (Co-Editor)

Chapter(s) in a Book - [2]

  1. "Konsep Amanah di dalam Perundangan Islam" in Akmal Hidayah Halim, Badruddin Haji Ibrahim, Farid Sufian Shuaib (Editors) , Undang-Undang Harta & Amanah, Selangor, Malaysia : Department of Islamic Law, AIKOL, IIUM & Harun M.Hashim Law Centre, IIUM, 2009, ISBN 978-983-41203-6-8 Author
  2. "Perkembangan dan Isu Undang-Undang Hibah orang Islam di Malaysia", Pentadbiran Undang-Undang Islam di Malaysia : Siri Perkembangan Undang-Undang di Malaysia Vol. 12, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 2007, Co-Author

Articles - [2]

  1. "Acceptance (qabul) and Taking Possession (qabd) of Hibah under Islamic Law and the Decision of the Syariah Courts in Malaysia" [2009] Vol 17, No. 2 IIUM Law Journal , page 167 - 191 , [ISSN 0128-2530]
  2. "Parental Rights to Maintenance Under Islamic Law" [2007] Vol. 4 Shariah Law Report (MLJ)

Papers Presented - [8]

  1. "The concept of Social Obligation under Islamic Jurisprudence ", presented at International Conference on Law and Social Obligation : The Way Forward , Kashmir, India , 10th - 11th August 2009, organised by Faculty of Law, University of Kashmir and Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws. IIUM
  2. "Gift Intervivors (Hibah) in Favour of Some Children with the Exclusion of Other under the provision of Islamic Law in Malaysia ", presented at 6th Asian Law Institute Conference : Dynamic of Change in Asia , University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong , 29th - 30th May 2009, organised by University of Hong Kong
  3. "Issue of Acceptance (qabul) and Taking Possession (qabd) of Subject Matter of Hibah Under Islamic Law and the Decision of Syariah Courts in Malaysia ", presented at International Seminar on Comparative Law 2008 , Putrajaya, Malaysia , 18 - 19 November 2008, organised by Islamic Science University of Malaysia
  4. "Children Rights to Maintenance : The Extent of Family Responsibility Under Islamic Law ", presented at An International, Interdisciplinary Conference "Gender, Family Responsibility and Legal Change" , Brighton, United Kingdom , 10 - 12 July 2008, organised by Sussex Law School, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
  5. "The Controversy over the Term 'Qawamun' in Verse 34:4 and Other Related Evidence in The Qur'an and Sunnah ", presented at Dialog between Afghan and Malaysian Scholars on Issue Related to Women's Right in Islam , Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws, IIUM, Malaysia , 5 November 2007, organised by Afghanistan Rule of Law Project & AIKOL, IIUM
  6. "Leadership Prerogatives and The Role of Advisors in Organizational Decision Making ", presented at International Conference Management from Islamic Perspectives , Kuala Lumpur , 2007, organised by Department of Business Administration, Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences, IIUM
  7. "Parental Right to Maintenance Under Islamic Law ", presented at 4th Asian Law Institute (ASLI) Conference "Voice From Asia for a Just and Equitable World" , Jakarta Indonesia , 2007, organised by Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia
  8. "Konsep Amanah di Dalam Perundangan Islam ", presented at Seminar Isu-Isu Mahkamah Syariah ke 9 "Amanah dalam Perundangan Islam di Malaysia" , Moot Court, AIKOL, IIUM , 2007, organised by Islamic Law Department AIKOL, IIUM