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IIUM won the Spirit of Competition Award and was ranked third, after the US and UK team, in the 2009 International Media Law Moot court competition which was organized by the Centre for Socio Legal Studies, Oxford University, England last March. This is the second time IIUM participated in this competition and there were 13 teams participated including a team from China, Jordan, Georgia and India.

The beauty of competing in this international competition is the exposure to good advocacy skills and lawyering, learning the different approach and style adopted by the other team and most of all is the bond of friendship that developed and strengthened by the spirit of the competition.

This bond cut across religious boundaries, skin colour and different cultural background. IIUM team represents consistent excellence in advocacy skills, most friendly and most charming in manner thus is recognized as the team to receive the award known as the Spirit of Competition Awards. IIUM team has also become the inspiration for the team from Jordan that participated in this competition after viewing IIUM achievement last year. Congratulation to the IIUM International media Law Moot court team namely Ili Rahila, Aifa Abdul Rahaman, Nurul Nadiya and Ilham Umar Thabii.


The IIUM International Media Law team emerged as the champion in the Monroe E. Price International Media Law Moot Court Competition organized for the first time by the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford in collaboration with the International Media Lawyers Association (IMLA). The first global media law mooting competition was held from the 3rd – 5th April 2008. About eight teams comprises of 25 students from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Georgia, Russia, India and Malaysia presented their arguments before judges from the European Court of Human Rights and distinguished scholars and experts from the field of media law. The main goal of the competition was to promote media defence work among students worldwide and to raise awareness of international standards of protection of media freedom. For three days the students have mooted, submitted and argued on the issue of media freedom of expression in publication of cartoon in a fictitious country ruled by a corrupt politician. Applicants in this case were a Television Company and its Editor and the Respondents was the Republic of Turistein.

IIUM team was represented by Rofitah Ahmad Fuad, Nur Ailyzurena Alizuren and Noorima Fairuz Mohamad Noor. The advisor for the team is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Juriah Abd Jalil who is also the Head of Department of Private Law, AIKOL .

In the first round the team met a team from India as the Applicant and the IIUM team was represented by Nur Ailyzurena Alizuren as the First Agent and Noorima Fairuz as the Co-Agent. Both IIUM team members were able to show a very good mooting skills and performance, despite mooting for the first time in the international moot. In the second round IIUM was scheduled to go against the team from Russia. In this round the team represented the Respondents and Rofitah Ahmad Fuad acted as the First Agent and Nur Ailyzurena as the Co Agent. Our next two rounds were against Georgia. Since we have three members only, Rofitah Ahmad Fuad had to appear in both rounds demonstrating her skills as representing the Applicants in one round and in the next round represented the Respondents. It was no doubt a difficult job but she has handled her arguments really well. This has definitely contributed to her achievement is wining the award for the Best Oralist.

The announcement for the final rounds was made during dinner and to our surprise IIUM was announced as the team that made it to the final representing the Applicant. Our opponent was the team from Georgia. In the final round the teams have to present their case before five judges namely, Judge Dean Spielmann from the European Court of Human Rights, Prof. Monroe E. Price who is the founder of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford, Mr. Richard Winfield, the Chairman of the World Press Freedom Committee based in the USA, Mr. Andrew Sharland, a barrister who is also the author of the book Media and Human Rights and finally Ms Siobhan Butterworth an editor of the Guardian News Group. The team from Malaysia was represented by Rofitah Ahmad Fuad and Noorima Fairuz with Nur Ailyzurena as the bench counsel.

With excellent presentation, good arguments, sharp thinking and quick response in humble and professional manner, the IIUM team were able to convince the court and thus was announced as the best overall team and became the Champion of the First International Media Law Moot Competition 2008. Our happiness was further generated for winning the Best Memorials / Written Arguments and the Best Oralist went to Rofitah Ahmad Fuad. It was indeed a ‘clean swept’ by the IIUM team.

Alhamdullillah after all the hard works, the challenges and difficulties we faced especially in getting sponsorship, the team managed to get to the top and become a world champion in the first global media. Indeed the team will come back to Oxford next year to defence the title.

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