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1- To identify parameters for integrating modern notion and formulations of good governance with classical Islamic notions of hukm rashid and hukm salih within the framework of Maqasid al-Shariah
2- To review and adapt modern standards of good governance according to the philosophy and value-systems of Maqasid al-Shariah.
3- To discuss topical issues of good governance in domains of public policy, public fund, judiciary, education, corporate institutions, civil society and NGOs, and information technology based on the end-goals of the Shariah.   
4- To set up criteria for the formulation of policy statements of good governance based on Maqasid al-Shariah and Wasatiyyah Approach.  

Conference Focal Areas 

1- Conceptual and methodological issues.
2- Vision and Goals. 
3- Standards and Criteria of Good Governance (conventional/Islamic).
4- Political decision making and public policy.  
5- Corporate governance. 
6- Family management. 
7- Education and management educational institutions. 
8- Waqf and endowment management. 
9- Halal industry management. 
10-  Judicial and dispute settlement. 
11- Zakat and taxation. 
12- Economic and finance. 
13- Information technology and communication. 
14- Civil society and NGOs.
15- Wasatiyyah model of good governance 

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